Poesía - Poetry, Poesía en inglés - Poetry in English

You can hear me after all.

Prisoners of the same years.

Time is indeed

With a very small door

A cage

I’ve should’ve known.

This is what you’re recklessly staring at.


Are you waiting for?

Your hiding place’s still in place,

I ain’t looking

For exchanging roles.

I feel your breathe at the edge of the corner.

You’re still somewhere -sensed for sure.


And I’m here too.


And I’m tired too.

But I’m prepared to get caught.


ENG- Lullaby Springs

Poesía - Poetry, Poesía en inglés - Poetry in English

You were one in the crowd,

A moth in the fog,

A mouth made desire,

No others to change,

No mission alive,

I couldn’t touch you with words,

That simple was fate

Like the life of a stone

With no river or sand,

A bird with no cage

Unsolved with no arms

A prayer in the dark

Of a luminous cell.

You were one in the crowd

With a soul still untouched,

Vanished flake that pretended

There’s some love with no scratch.

The place you’ve came

Poesía - Poetry, Poesía en inglés - Poetry in English


You came to this darkness full of hope,

Of joy. You came to this emptiness thinking

You could fill it all but

This place ate you like a lightning the storm,

Your shine became into a fall, helping you please

The surroundings.

You’re one of them now and I

Have to see this dirt. No one

Is apart anymore – No one will never be apart.

There’s no rush. No expectation.

I’m not there but

I’m not here.

Another quiet is coming.

The white suit man will come with the silence

That I’d missed, with that silence


You were a rose one day, I

Was a thorn once. – Ain’t no spring.

I like it cold.

I like it iced.

You knew before.

Your zombie presence, as I

Expected it doesn’t matter anymore,

It doesn’t matter any longer.

It’s justified.

My loneliness is loyal and never sleeps,

Never gives up, and comes to me

As it was raining and its light

Never turns off.

I’d say good bye

But I’m not leaving yet.

Darkness was first.

And then the rest,

Included you when

You were that.